Re: Suggestion for default toolbar settings


On Sun, 19 Mar 2006, Michael M. wrote:

 hardly used and simply can confuse first time users. My proposal is to
 have just one toolbar just like firefox.

The Smaller and Larger buttons were added in 2.14, based on a general consensus that zooming in/out is a quite common use case for web pages.

The one thing I have found a bit annoying with Epiphany is that Toolbar 1 is not efficient with space. I use "icons only" rather than icons + text,

In the latest Epiphany UI-review [1] the conclusion was that we should not override GNOME defaults w.r.t. text/icon settings. However we should start a discussion before 2.16 about if we still want text below icons as the default. Personally, I like text *beside* icons a lot better. (In this case, only labels flagged as priority text will be shown.)



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