Re: feature request

On Wed, 2006-03-08 at 13:25 +0000, Oliver Kayas wrote:
> Hi Peter
> That is sort of what I'm after. However, when I click to open multiple tabs 
> from the bookmark bar the tabs open in a new window as opposed to opening in 
> the current window.

Perhaps someone else on the list can answer that question. I would've
thought that opening in the current window was the best option too.

> Also, Is it possible to open multiple tabs from the bookmarks drop down 
> menu, as in Firefox?

We (or perhaps I :) deliberately chose not to do that. The main reason
being that, with the topic-based system that Epiphany uses, it's
difficult to decide which bookmarks we should open. Should we open all
those that belong to the topic (including those in submenus)? Or just
those which are currently visible? In the end it was decided to limit it
to just the topics-on-toolbar widgets.


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