Re: [Usability] Re: Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Chrome Changes


I have been following this discussion and others like it on the Epiphany
List for several months now.  I would like to add my 2 cents.

Always keep Epiphany fast and simple.  Make it perfect.

That is, I would like to see a high degree of configurablety and lots of
available features.  I believe we can have it all.

Each of us works differently, some want a status bar others don't.  I
would like to see the programmers who work on Epiphany create feature
modules that are fully integrated and that can be added or detached as
desired (much like how the Linux kernel works). Plugins don't quite cut
it.  They are sort of addons written by outsiders that only kinda work.

I would like to add or remove modules and configurations through
something like a greatly expanded gconf that semi-permanently creates
*my* epiphany rather than in a huge preferences menu.  In fact, I would
like to create two Epiphanies, EpiphanyI as a stripped down workhorse
and another EpiphanyII that is a full featured browse and play browser

In any case, I know I would keep my Epiphany simple but with the few
features I particularly wanted.

It seems to me that the fault with other browsers is that as each new
feature is invented it gets automatically added, making it slower and
bloated.  Surely Epiphany can continue to explore ways of keeping up its
speed standards while offering users lots of configuration and features
as selectable alternatives to just one way of doing things.

I think Epiphany is the program that can accomplish this.  The creators
and maintainers seem to be always looking for newer simpler ways to
produce Epiphany features.  Rather than predetermining one new
innovative feature, why can't a user have a choice between two stable
simple efficient features.

2 cents or $0.0174 USD

Regards Bill

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