Re: Looong freezes when watching google video

On Mon, 2006-06-26 at 12:19 +0200, Kristoffer Lundén wrote:
> Hello,
> just wondering: is there a difference in how Epiphany and Firefox
> loads and treats plugins such as flash? Reason I ask is that when I
> watch movies in say Google Video with Firefox I encounter no problems
> (apart from the frequent crashes of flash itself that I see in all
> browsers), but when I do the same in Epiphany it gobbles up a lot of
> memory and at interval more or less freezes the computer for up to 5-6
> minutes, where I can move the mouse laggily and some things may move
> or happen... maybe. During this time the HD is working furiously so I
> assume it's some kind of swap going on. 
> Just wondering if it's due to the two programs doing this differently,
> or if it should be all Gecko and the same, in which case I think
> further investigation would be in order... :)
> I'm running fully updated Ubuntu Dapper, with Epiphany, flash
> and FF
> -- Stoffe

Flash videos etc and even just basic graphics always crash epiphany.
Firefox doesn't stand a chance either. The only broswer that works
flawless with flash for me is opera. 

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