Configuring File Associations when not running full-blown Gnome desktop

Hi all,

I'm a big fan of making do with old hardware, and really enjoy using Epiphany
with the Enlightenment 16 WM as Gnome/Firefox just doesn't run satisfactorily
for me on the hardware I'm using.

However, something that has always bothered me is not knowing how exactly to
setup file associations that Epiphany can use.  I know that Epiphany is fairly
strongly bound to the full Gnome environment, and have in the past tried
loading up Nautilus and configuring them there but this hasn't worked.  I've
also dug around in the MIME types in /etc and a few related files.

Can someone tell me the definitive place to config file associations?  Also, if
it's not a plain text file (e.g. if its somewhere in the Gconf tree), what
tool/s I'll need to modify them.

Many thanks,

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