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On 1/14/06, Reinout van Schouwen <reinouts gnome org> wrote:
> > at anytime, by button or menu. But don't go around opening windows I
> > didn't ask for. =)
> Do you think the inconvenience of opening an unasked-for window
> outweighs to convenience of having immediate access to your fresh
> download?

That's actually a very good question, and I gave it some thought. But
yes, I still stand my my opinion. The reason is that it is relatively
uncommon for me to want instant access to the file I'm downloading -
unless it is a total showstopper file for my computers operation, or a
really small and therefore fast download, I will have moved on and
done other stuff. I want to be notified that the file is finished, but
it's not certian I want to do anything with it at once, in fact,
that's the uncommon case. Also, if I queue a lot of files for
downloading, say 10 links from one single page, I probably want to
wait until they are all finished.

What I don't ever want, is to be interrupted in what I'm currently
doing. A discrete window opening in the background might be ok, but
that is no better that accessing the desktop, and it is miles behind a
notify that I can deal with as I please.

If I choose to run it though, that's another matter. To me, that's the
same thing as if I choose to run a file on my disk, it just have a
long startup time. It's allowed to start as soon as it can.

Btw, don't want to try it right now, but is the auto-run feature still
there? Last time I clicked a SVG file online it opened like a million
windows because SVG was associated with epiphany, which was set to
autorun SVG with the associated program as it could not display it...
Probably at least partly the distributions fault for setting the
associations, but defaulting to auto-run without asking is very

-- Kristoffer

> regards,
> --
> Reinout van Schouwen

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