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On Fri, 2005-18-03 at 10:15 -0500, Fabrice Rousselle wrote:
> Hi,
> I switched from firefox a few weeks ago


> My first complaint would be the in page search. In firefox, it was
> possible to press enter to activate a link when a part of it was
> highlighted. I found that option to be extremely convenient and
> non-intrusive and miss it a lot.

Workaround: <Escape><Enter>.

I'm not sure if that's intentional or not, but you might want to file a
Bugzilla bug about the behaviour. I know I get annoyed by it too, but I
think it could be considered non-intuitive to make Enter in that text
widget change the currently-browsed page half of the time.

> Second complaint: when pasting text in the url bar, epiphany assumes
> it's a url even though it might just be a string I want to search in
> google. Only if I type an extra "space" do I have the option to search
> for the string.

You could file a bug against that, too. That seems to be a regression on
bug #110635.

> My last complaint relates to the auto-completion of entries in the url
> bar. There is a small lag when typing before a list pops up.

You can file a bug against that, too :).

By the way, to file bugs, head to Don't be
afraid of all the text fields; you can ignore most of them quite
happily :).

> Other than this (and the usual new tab focus and adblock issues:), I
> have to say I'm impressed with this browser.

The adblock extension does in fact work, but it requires either:

(a) a couple of Mozilla patches: follow the trail from
- or -
(b) patience, because Epiphany will crash every time you quit

Take your pick! In the case of (a) you'll have to recompile Mozilla and
then compile adblock; in the case of (b) you can get away with only
compiling adblock. No distributor is going to distribute a crashing
extension, so adblock will have to wait until those two Mozilla bugs are

>  I especially like the fact
> that I can now search my bookmarks from the url bar.

You're not the only one!

Adam Hooper <adamh densi com>

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