smart bookmarks


I switched from firefox a few weeks ago and I'm quite happy except for
three things.

My first complaint would be the in page search. In firefox, it was
possible to press enter to activate a link when a part of it was
highlighted. I found that option to be extremely convenient and
non-intrusive and miss it a lot.

Second complaint: when pasting text in the url bar, epiphany assumes
it's a url even though it might just be a string I want to search in
google. Only if I type an extra "space" do I have the option to search
for the string.

My last complaint relates to the auto-completion of entries in the url
bar. There is a small lag when typing before a list pops up. While it's
not that long, it is enough for me to sometimes hit "down" before the
completion list pops up. In this case, the focus is moved away from the
url bar. Apart from the confusing focus shift, I'd say the lag (while
small) has a big impact on the feeling of responsiveness. It is for sure
the first thing I noticed and I had to learn to wait for the list to pop
up before pressing the down key.

On a side note, I think it would be better to just scroll the view when
pressing up and down from the url bar (right now, when I press up, the
focus is moved to the home button, is this a deliberate choice or just a
GTK behaviour?).

Other than this (and the usual new tab focus and adblock issues:), I
have to say I'm impressed with this browser. I especially like the fact
that I can now search my bookmarks from the url bar. Kudos too for the
find extension, now if only gedit could have it...

Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

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