Re: Patch h6 bugs

On Sun, 2004-09-26 at 21:10 +0200, Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
> Hello,
> The last few days I've run Pete's patched epiphany 1.4.0.
> Unfortunately it's not completely stable for me yet. Sometimes it
> crashes when adding bookmarks and it reproducably crashes when
> removing the last item from a toolbar. Here are a couple of
> backtraces:
> When adding a bookmark:

In ephy-bookmark-action.c, in the ephy_bookmark_action_new function I
use g_strjoin but forgot to NULL terminate it's list of arguments. 

Change: accel = g_strjoin ("/", "", gtk_action_group_get_name (actions), name);
    to: accel = g_strjoin ("/", "", gtk_action_group_get_name (actions), name, NULL);

An identical change needs to be done in ephy_topic_action_new. Sorry
about that.

Haven't had time to look in depth at the other bug yet, but I haven't
changed much code for the toolbars themselves. Can someone verify that
this bug doesn't also occur in Ephy 1.4.0?


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