Epiphany Extensions 1.4.1


* What is it ?

Epiphany Extensions is a collection of extensions for Epiphany, the
GNOME web browser.

Epiphany Extensions 1.4.1 is the latest stable release for use with the
stable 1.4.x series of Epiphany with GNOME 2.8.

* What's new ? 

Starting with version 1.4.1, Epiphany can be compiled against firefox' libraries as well as mozilla's libraries. To do so, pass the
--with-mozilla=[mozilla|firefox] argument to configure. Note that you
need to use the same setting as the one you compiled Epiphany with.
To compile with firefox, you also need to apply the patch from
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=256988 to firefox' build
process, or fix the firefox-*.pc files manually.

Epiphany Extensions 1.4.1

New extensions

        * Sidebar extension, written by Crispin Flowerday

Bug fixes

        * Fix some mem leaks (Adam) [#153470, #153471, #153473]
        * Fix crash (Christian) [#153712]
        * Always load unnamed stylesheets (Adam) [#153739]
        * Don't block stylesheets without "media" attribute (Adam) [#153710]
        * Fix many compiler warnings (Christian)

Translation updates

        * Miloslav Trmac (cs)
        * Adam Weinberger (en_CA)
        * Reinout van Schouwen (nl)
        * Raphael Higino (pt_BR)

* Where can I get it ? 

Source code:
with md5 sum 4ae247cd350feb8e959ed63e22853f83.

Epiphany Extensions 1.4.1 requires Epiphany 1.4.1 or above:


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