Re: Bookmark Patch

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 11:40 +1000, Peter Harvey wrote:
> I should make it clearer what I've done. I've removed the bookmarks bar
> but made it easier (and in my mind more consistent) to add bookmarks and
> topics to the normal toolbar.

This sounds cool. So I could place a search bookmark next to the address
bar ala firefox?

>  As you can have any number of normal
> toolbars you can mostly emulate the behaviour of the bookmarks bar.
> Only user objections that I can see to this are:
>       * You currently can't add bookmarks to the toolbar via the
>         keyboard.
>       * You can't disable just the bookmarks bar - you can either
>         disable all toolbars or enable all toolbars.

But in this case you could simply remove the 'bookmark toolbar'
altogether correct? This makes sense to me anyway, since it's likely
that someone will flip it on and off repeatedly. They're more likely to
create it in the beginning or not create it at all.

Along these lines, if the bookmark patch goes upstream we should
probably include a toolbar dedicated to bookmarks so users understand
the functionality exists.

Regardless, you've piqued my curiosity as to how this works in your
patch as-is (bookmark toolbar removed), so why don't you send it over
that way :)


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