Re: Bookmark Patch

> Definitely leave it in. I use it quite frequently as a 'hotspot' for a
> handful of sites I visit frequently.

I should make it clearer what I've done. I've removed the bookmarks bar
but made it easier (and in my mind more consistent) to add bookmarks and
topics to the normal toolbar. As you can have any number of normal
toolbars you can mostly emulate the behaviour of the bookmarks bar.

Only user objections that I can see to this are:
      * You currently can't add bookmarks to the toolbar via the
      * You can't disable just the bookmarks bar - you can either
        disable all toolbars or enable all toolbars.

I personally have two topics accessible from the toolbar (News and
Programming). I won't be removing this functionally any time soon. :)

See ya,

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