Re: Bookmark Patch

Hi Britt,

Sure, I'll post an updated patch in a few days. I haven't posted an
update recently because I've been gutting the rest of the bookmarks UI
for fun instead. :) There are some fairly major changes in the patch

Some recent changes I've made is to remove the bookmarks bar. This
doesn't seem like a popular choice amongst other people here. Would you
like a patch which leaves the bookmarks bar alone, or not?

The problem with displaying headers for each topic is that I don't know
how to write my own menu items. It will take a little longer to do that
because I have to track down some information on how to correctly derive
from GtkMenuItem. Unless it turns out to be very easy I wouldn't expect
anything until early November (I have some stuff happening in real-life
as well).

See ya,

On Sun, 2004-09-19 at 21:19 -0400, Britt Selvitelle wrote:
> Hey Peter,
> Any chance of an updated patch for 1.4.0?
> Also, we spoke before about displaying Headers for each hierarchal
> topic. If you decide not to default to this, any chance of a gconf key
> to enable that behavior?
> Thanks,
> Britt 

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