Re: download functionality

On Tue, 23 Nov 2004, Ricardo Veguilla wrote:

a) a complex download manager (mirrors, scheduling, blah bla)  didn't
belong in the "Regular User" use case... in other words, its mainly a
power user tool.

True, and this practically disqualifies it from being a part of epiphany core.

b) the features of a complex download manager that "Regular User"
actually use (resuming a download between sessions, handling downloading
from external apps without launching the browser, etc) could be added to
epiphany's download manager.

This sounds sensible. The download-between-sessions is related to bug 128048, but for sessions and the other things you mention I can't find any bugs. Would you care to file one?

Question to all: is this important enough to put on the roadmap for 1.6?

So, my interpretation of what Murray said is: "we don't need/want a complex download manager, we want epiphany download manager to do a few things more"

Thanks for the summary.


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