Re: download functionality

On Tue, 2004-11-23 at 13:15 +0100, Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
> hello all,
> Murray Cumming posted a preliminary 2.9 modules list on 
> desktop-devel-list. What's interesting, about the proposed gwget he 
> says:
> "No, this functionality belongs in epiphany."
> Does it? I always thought that a complex download manager *didn't* 
> belong in ephy, but that an external downloader should be able to 
> replace the default download mechanism, possibly as an extension.

Well, from what I remember of the discussion, the consensus (yeah right)
was that: 

a) a complex download manager (mirrors, scheduling, blah bla)  didn't
belong in the "Regular User" use case... in other words, its mainly a
power user tool.

b) the features of a complex download manager that "Regular User"
actually use (resuming a download between sessions, handling downloading
from external apps without launching the browser, etc) could be added to
epiphany's download manager. 

So, my interpretation of what Murray said is: "we don't need/want a
complex download manager, we want epiphany download manager to do a few
things more"

Then again, I could be wrong.

Ricardo Veguilla <veguilla hpcf upr edu>

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