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Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
| On Fri, 12 Mar 2004, Adam Hooper wrote:
|>That's an interesting idea. One important reason: popups are really a
|>webpage-specific thing. If you've got 5 browser windows open, each with
|>2 tabs with 2 popups,
| Using tabs and a statusbar icon already breaks the
| webpage-"specificity"(sp?) of the popup blocker, unless you'd alter the
| content of the menu depending on which tab has focus.

I already do that. It's just like the 'Security' icon (nifty, since it's
right next to it :P).

|>something important, for example, I'd *expect* the notification area to
|>have an icon -- and it could be blocking some part of my important
|>research but I'd never notice because I'd assume the blocked popups are
|>from the porn site.
| You have a point, but then again: how many popups appear on sites that you
| aren't actively browsing at that moment? Is this a common enough use case
| to warrant designing features around?

Here we go:
- - Open tab A (for Anal). Click on a nasty-looking site. It takes a long
time to load.
- - While waiting, open tab B (for Boobs). Boobs are more popular and the
servers are better, so you get instant gratification as you click
around. Click on some link.
- - As the new page is quickly loading in tab B, tab A finally connects to
its server and starts downloading content, including (of all things) a
popup C (use your imagination for what C stands for).

The problem: Popup C originates from tab A, but it looks to the user
like it comes from tab B, since it popped up while tab B was loading.

This situation will happen very often, regardless of sites' content.

The downside with my setup right now is that the user does not see that
*any* popups opened from tab A until he switches back to tab A. But
that's a design decision. Is it the right one? I dunno, but it's the one
I made temporarily. Anybody have objections? Now's the time to let me
know :).

|>whether there's a toolbar widget or not, I still need to put the option
|>somewhere else as well.
| If a menu item isn't good enough, and a toolbar item isn't good enough,
| what's left?

I was thinking maybe a more easy-to-find menu entry. The entry is a verb
right now, whereas I consider it to be noun. Would, say, "View -> [x]
Popups from this site" be better? I still don't think that's enough of
an improvement though.

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Adam Hooper
adamh densi com
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