Re: Comparison with other browsers

One killer feature that the TabBrowser extensions to FireWhatever add is
the ability to undo tab closures.  If Ephy had that it would be really,
really cool and useful.  :-)

On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Nikolai Weibull wrote:

> * Marco Pesenti Gritti <marco gnome org> [Jun 16, 2004 17:30]:
> > What keeps you from (fully) switching ?
> I've been on this a couple of times, and the thing i like about
> firefox/mozilla is that Quicksearches are so much easier to use with
> them.  I can simply type 'google <term>' in the addressbar and I perform
> a google search.  No silly pressing <Down> eight times before I get to
> "Search Google" in the drop-down list (or <Up> an equal amount of times
> the other way around).  That's the feature I miss most.  To fix this,
> bookmarks would have to have a 'keywords' field associated with them.
> Or perhaps set the title of quicksearch bookmarks to their respective
> keyword.
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