Re: Comparison with other browsers

On Fri, 2004-06-18 at 20:20, Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Jun 2004, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> > What is the feature you really missed after you swicthed to epiphany ?
> Back when I used Galeon 1.x, it would give tab titles whose contents had
> changed, a different color (red or blue iirc). If this isn't against a11y
> rules I'd like to see that back.

Galeon used colors also for the loading state, now we use an animation. 

The changed state could still use a color (or a different font) in any
case. Though we need a gtk style property for it. Hardcoding the color
is unacceptable. The style could be useful also for other apps like

Calum Benson suggested it here

Not sure if there is a bug filed about it.


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