Re: Spellcheck as Epiphany plugin?

From: "Pyroman[FO]" <pyroman ninjapanda org>

Finally some progress is being made on spellcheck in web forms using Mozilla.
The bug is at
And the bulk of the progress is going on in the MozillaZine thread at What I'm wondering is, can you implement this as an Epiphany extension? Also, would you want to update it to use the GTK spellchecker? This one currently uses the Thunderbird/Mozilla Mail spellchecker.

Just wanted to chime and say this would be great extension to implement. It would be particularly useful for people who use webmail (a lot of users despite evolution), and i'd be pretty happy to have this. The main thing to keep in mind when implementing this is that spell checking should only apply to user input fields, not the full text of a webpage. Grammar checking would be incredibly useful as well. Anyway I'm looking forward to tools->spellcheck sometime in the future. :)

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