Re: Bookmarks synchronizing


Le mardi 14 décembre 2004 à 14:15 +0100, Reinout van Schouwen a écrit :
> Jamin blogs about the firefox bookmarks synchronizer:
> Is there anything comparable epiphany could offer, in case the e-d-s 
> bookmarks backend isn't ready in time?

AFAIK, mozilla has (limited) roaming support now; maybe someone can
check if it's sufficient to just load/save our bookmarks and history
from a server with that?
There's already a RFE for it,
id=151803 .

> On a related subject: I once bookmarked this:
> It doesn't support Epiphany yet, but their categories match Ephy's 
> bookmark topics exactly:
> I thought that might be interesting...

It is interesting, thanks :)

Maybe we can add a "Interesting Links" section to the wiki?


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