Re: Three Suggestions for Plugins

* Sam Stephenson <sstephenson gmail com> [Aug 21, 2004 01:00]:
> > 3.  (Probably the most controversial and perhaps silliest)  A plugin
> >     that removes keybindings/menu items that block good keybindings,
> >     such as Ctrl+F for Find and Ctrl+B that block Vi like bindings in
> >     Mozilla for scrolling by pages.  This is of course of very limited
> >     use, but if someone has any suggestions on how this would be
> >     implemented, please do tell me and I'll do it myself.  Can it even
> >     be done?  I realize this totally breaks the HIG and so on, but I
> >     would really appreciate this functionality.
> I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're saying here, but you can
> already modify the keybindings for all menu items in Epiphany.

Oh yeah, totally forgot about that.  Thanks, that solves it.  Now, if
there was only a way to remove menu items such as File/Send To... I
would be happy,

Totally, off topic, but how do you get Replys with > quoting using
gmail?  I can only get the totally stupid ---- Original Message ----

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