[Epiphany] Re: epiphany toolbar/bookmarks

On Fri, May 30, 2003 at 12:52:13PM -0400, David Adam Bordoley wrote:

 > This is a non-issue. File->bookmark page. Don't assign a topic. Open
 > the bookmark window, file->new topic, dnd the bookmark from
 > uncategorized  to th e new topic. 

 It's a non-issue if you think it in terms of "is it technically
 possible to do this?" but it might be an issue from a user's point of
 view.  Until Marco said it, it wouldn't have occured to me to _drag_
 bookmarks across topics, particularly because I'd expect drag to be a
 move operation.  Since the topics-bookmarks relationship is a n-to-m
 mapping it makes sense that dragging doesn't move, but that doesn't
 mean it's intuitive.

 > > With a large collection there's another problem: the list of topics
 > > is also potentially large.  Just finding a topic is in itself a
 > > difficult task.  I'm not sure if there's a solution for this
 > > problem (other than just "that's your problem, think of better
 > > topics" -- well, I'm not a librarian, ook?)
 > This is where having richer metadata from the page will come handy. I
 > think we should use page meta tags that are provided in the html
 > headers by page so that you can search based on these, though i
 > wouldn't expose this in the ui at all.  Its worth noting that the
 > traditional hierarchy based bookmarks system here is actually worst,
 > since it forces the user to micro manage their bookmark collection. 

 I am not sure I follow you guys with this argument.  Looking at my
 galeon bookmark hierarchy I can find things with relative ease (if you
 consider I have well over thousand bookmarks) because of the
 hierarchical structure.  The top level looks like this:


 where would you look if you need a bookmark related to known bugs in
 GCC?  In epiphany that bookmark has topics "GNU", "Compilers", "Bugs".
 I find it faster by just typing "gcc." in the location bar :-?

 > Another good idea would be to provide someway to created new topics
 > based on searches. (actually now that i think of it this is already
 > possible. [1] do a search, [2] create a new topic, [3]dnd all
 > bookmarks from the search to the topic. 

 I just did that and Epiphany core dumped.  Can't figure out the exact
 steps because I can't reproduce it.


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