[Epiphany] Re: Underline links?

Osma Ahvenlampi writes: 

> On Fri, 2003-05-30 at 15:25, Nikolai :: lone-star :: Weibull wrote:
>> another thing...why is 'browsewithcaret' on by default?  it is very
>> annoying, and i don't see how it helps accessibility.  can someone
>> explain this please?
> I just noticed this myself after upgrading my Ephy.. The only function I
> know for caret browsing are the (cool, but rare) inline page editors, so
> it doesn't seem like a generally useful default. 
> However, it would be nice if that was a accessible option in case you do
> need to use such an editor (and I'm sure they'll become more common
> quickly, as blog editors and such). Mozilla allows toggling it with a
> function key. Could Ephy as well?

Browse with caret allows keyboard users to select text from within a page. 
Only using the keyboard and hence is necessary for a11y. I talked with calum 
about this. He recommended either:
1. Always leave it on no pref.
2. Include a specific epiphany pref for, using the enable keyboard a11y pref 
from the control center isn't acceptable because it is dependent on xkb, as 
well as some user might just want the caret but not features such as bounce 
keys etc. 


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