Re: [Epiphany] Cache preferences

Well, I guess it depends on how well the cache autosizes, but I notice
that on my computer it defaults to 50 megs (unless this has been changed
recently).  That's all well and good on my computer, but I'm setting up a
linux lab for university students, each of whom has only 100 megs of disk
space in their accounts, and using half of it for the ephy cache seems
rather extreme (and df reports the disk space free on the drive, not the
user's personal quota).  In situations where a user has very little disk
space it would be very nice to be able to disable the cache entirely.

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:

> So we are a bit unsure about the usefulness of cache preferences.
> Why one would choose something other than automatic ?
> Is it useful to have a way to disable the cache ? (in which contexts).
> If someone could provide data on this, it would be very helpfull.
> Marco
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