[Epiphany] Re: Cache preferences

Adam D. Lopresto writes: 

> Well, I guess it depends on how well the cache autosizes, but I notice
> that on my computer it defaults to 50 megs (unless this has been changed
> recently).  That's all well and good on my computer, but I'm setting up a
> linux lab for university students, each of whom has only 100 megs of disk
> space in their accounts, and using half of it for the ephy cache seems
> rather extreme (and df reports the disk space free on the drive, not the
> user's personal quota).  In situations where a user has very little disk
> space it would be very nice to be able to disable the cache entirely. 

I think this use case is important especially considering that this is 
definately one of the large potential use cases for gnome in general. 

The question than becomes should these settings actually be in the ui, or be 
moved into some sort of admin tool. I'm not sure of what the best solution 
is in the short term. In general I hate hiding prefs in gconf, but maybe in 
this case it is acceptable. Needs more thought i guess. 


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