Re: [Epiphany] Re: Font Selection wrote:

>One of the issues was that gnome does not provide a way to set fonts per
>encoding, while mozilla and mozilla based browsers does, I wondered if that
>was going to cause i18n problems. That's why I asked menthos.
I cannot seem to see any problems this would cause, because if Pango 
would be used, it should display all characters it can on a system, no 
matter what the font chosen (so it can be particular to the encoding).

In case Pango/Fontconfig is not used, selecting a font per encoding can 
only improve the readability from my point of view. Because there's 
nothing which can provide the unique-show-it-all font (like Pango does), 
this seems to be a way to go, because it would enlarge the portion of 
texts which *can* be shown correctly, if user goes through a bit more 
hassle. But, this is a non-issue for Epiphany, which is Gtk+ 2 program 
(and consequently, a Pango "user"), right?

Though, I have not any experience in this regard with other languages 
other then my own, nor am I really familiar with Pango/Fontconfig/Xft 
relationship. So, take all of this with a grain of salt (is that the 
right expression ;-))


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