[Epiphany] Re: Epiphany 0.6.1 release

mpeseng@tin.it writes: 

> Packages for Gnome 2.3.2 are due on Monday, so I'm going to release this
> weekend.
> If there are bugs that you feel important to be fixed in time please let
> us know.
> Dave, I need to know the current status of docs to put it in the NEWS file. 
> Marco 

The docs are still very much a work in progress. We have a basic skeleton in 
cvs that covers most of the topics I would like to cover in the docs, though 
I might add a few more things / change the ordering. As far as actual 
The sections covering the browser window, history and bookmarks are coming 
along very well. The sections covering the tbe, pdm and downloader are empty 
and need to be filled in. It's worth noting that docs don't have the same 
requirement for string freeze as the actual app does to my best knowledge, 
and i think its fair to make the decision that for 1.0 we should only 
concentrate on completing the english docs not necesssarily translating them 


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