Re: [Epiphany] location bar

> > Hi,
> > I've just upgraded to 0.6 and my location bar is now separated from my
> > toolbar. I did not find a way to merge them back, is it possible ? (my
> > screen is small ...)
> Sure. Edit->Toolbars.
> Marco

I did not realize it was possible to drag the location text entry, great
:) ( maybe changing the mouse cursor when the mouse is over a dragable
item, or highlighting the item,  would make it more obvious ? don't

Another remark : If I click 'Add a new toolbar' then 'right click ->
remove this toolbar, nothing happens. I have to add an item and remove
it for the toolbar to magically disapear. Is it a known bug ?

Last one : the notetab is displayed even if there is only one tab,
taking some useless screen space... 

Thanks a lot.

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