[Epiphany] Re: Plugin support planned ?

On Thu, 08 May 2003 23:53:34 -0400, David Adam Bordoley wrote:

> Georg Meyer writes: 
>> Hy everyone, 
>> I had a lock at the message archives, because I thought this to be a FAQ. 
>> Anyway, didn't find it. Is plugin support planned for ephy ? 
>> Thanks 
>> George
> Depends what you mean by plugin. Currently ephy supports any browser plugin 
> that mozilla does. 
> We are also considering adding some sort of plugin system to extend the 
> functionality of ephy, but this will most likely be done post ephy 
> 1.0/gnome2.4. 

Hi, I've been holding onto this idea for a while, however, has the idea of
creating a CORBA subset, like ActiveX is a subset of COM, to be used to
call native applications that can be embedded into browsers? for example,
lets say I want to watch the latest news however, they only have Windows
Media, would it be possible to create a plugin architecture using CORBA so
that an appropriate player is loaded *in* the browser window, aka,
application embedded into the browser window as with the case of Internet
Explorer and Windows Media Player.

Matthew Gardiner

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