Re: [Epiphany] How to add new smart bookmark

On Sat, 2003-05-10 at 01:12, Josh Goebel wrote:
> I think if you specially code a smart bookmark into a webpage then it's
> a breeze to add it to Epiphany (someone help me out here, remind me of
> syntax, please?)... 
> It would be trivial to make a simple web page using PHP that would let a
> person create custom smart bookmarks and then take them to a page where
> they could right click and then add to Epiphany... this would allow us
> to have the feature, without it being built into Epiphany...
> Thoughts?

<a type="text/smartbookmark" href=""; rel=""; title="Search images - Google">

That's the format. There is already a db on galeon web page. I guess it would
be useful to share it or something.


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