Re: [Epiphany] Re: 1.0 plans

tor 2003-05-08 klockan 16.35 skrev Osma Ahvenlampi:
> > >So very much agreed. The http-accept-language should default to the
> > >system language (LANG or LC_MESSAGES). That's probably by far the most
> > >common usage and matching most user expectations. This auto-detection
> > >needs to work.
> When I've changed this myself, I've made it Finnish, English, in that
> order. I've seen very few sites use this information for anything,

You don't use Google? :-)
Seriously, there are many sites with multilanguage content that use this
standardized method, but just as say probably more that don't. Which is
kind of sad as other methods almost always require additional work on
the user's part (need to select language manually on the site etc). But
clearly, Epiphany should behave well and provide a sane
http-accept-language setting for those sites that make use of it.

> but I
> have a nagging feeling if you only put the LANG setting there, and a
> site that would use the information for something but doesn't support
> that language, bad things would happen...

How this is handled is entirely up to the site in question, and I've
seen all kinds of different behaviors in such cases, ranging from the
horrible behavior of just providing an unhelpful error code, to
providing a more helpful "sorry, the language you requested is
unavailable, which language would you like instead?" type of message and
manual language selection.

> Make it system language, then English?

Probably a good idea in general. One might object that making English
the second choice without the user's knowledge might be bad in the cases
where the user doesn't understand English at all. Then probably the user
would be better off with a helpful site error message and manual site
language selection, to be able to choose a language which the user
understands, if such is available.

But perhaps we can assume that many of our users at least have some
experience in English, and use English as the default fallback.


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