[Epiphany] Re: Guidlines and Skeletons for Epiphany Help Documentation

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> Thanks for the comments Pat I'm going to integrate them into the docs right 
> away. For the most part I'm trying to cut and paste as much documentation 
> from existing gnome docs as possible, so that I can avoid terminology and 
> consistency issues. One question I do have is about gfdl. Do i need to add 
> the original copyright owners of the documentation I've cut and pasted from 
> to the epiphany copyright holders? 


When cutting-and-pasting from one GNOME document to another came up in the past, 
we settled on using an Acknowledgement section in the front matter as the best 
way to give due credit. Under the GFDL, you only need to add copyright credits 
for previous contributors to the document in question. Seeing as the Epiphany 
User Guide is a new document, then there can be no previous copyright holders 
for that document. Therefore, you are safe to give the appropriate credit in an 
Acknowledgement section. If the cut-and-pastes are neat enough, you should 
indicate in the Acknowledgements section, where you got the various items of 
information from. 

I vaguely remember talking with Irene about creating an Acknowledgements section 
for use in the standard templates, but I can't remember any more than that. 
Irene - if you are following this thread, does this ring a bell? 


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