[Epiphany] Re: Window placement

Osma Ahvenlampi writes: 

> And what you're saying here is basically that you'd want the ephy
> window(s) bounce around on the screen based on where they were when any
> given bookmark was last viewed. No thanks. Or if you are saying that the
> idea doesn't work for the main window, then we're in agreement and I
> can't understand the discussion - there are no document windows in ephy
> except for the main window, and because that is not tied to any specific
> document (or is "Internet content" a document?), there is no need for
> document-specific window placement.

1. I think saving property windows position is good.
2. Saving the bookmarks windows position is good
3. Saving the history window's position is good.
4. If it could be done, whenever you open a bookmark in a new window, saving 
the position of that window would actually be good too, since you are 
treating it like a document. 


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