[Epiphany] Guidlines and Skeletons for Epiphany Help Documentation

Good user documentation will be  a big plus in convincing GNOME that they 
want us in 2.4. Right now our documentation is pretty much NULL :) though we 
do have some skeletons prepared. I'm going to try to start working on the 
documentation and want to propose some guidlines and regulations for 
epiphany documentation as well as a potential skeleton structure. Comments 
please, I've probably forgotten stuff :) Oh I'm ccing the docs team too 
because I think they're advice will be useful :) 


A. All screenshots should meet the following criteria:
1. Must use the "default" gtk theme.
2. Must use the "simple" metacity theme.
3. Must use a 12 pt sans application font.
4. Must use the default metacity button layout,
5. Must use icons+text toolbar buttons.
6. Must use the default toolbar layout with the bookmarks bar turned off.
7. Must use the default epiphany preferences.
9. Must be viewing the default home page.
10. Must be in the american english locale. 

These are general rules and should be bent based on the specific help topic. 
Is everyone ok with these? 

B. Proposed Organization
1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
2.1 To Start Epiphany
2.2 To Open Your Bookmarks
2.3 To Open a File
3. Browser Windows
4. Browsing the Web
4.1 Using the Address Entry
4.2 Using the Toolbar
4.3 Using the Bookmarks Bar
4.4 Using Fullscreen Mode
4.5 To Open a New Window
4.6 To Open a New Tab
4.7 To Open a Link
4.8 To Open a Link in A New Window
4.9 To Open a Link in A New Tab
4.10 To Download a Link's Content
4.11 To Save a Page
4.12 To Print a Page
4.13 To Search for Text in a Page
4.14 To Zoom In or Out of a Page
4.15 To View the Source of a Page
4.16 To Switch in Between Tabs
4.17 To Move Tabs
5. Managing Your Bookmarks
5.1 Overview of the Epiphany Bookmarks System
5.2 To Select Bookmarks
5.3 To Open a Bookmark in a New Window or Tab
5.4 To Create a New Topic
5.5 To Add a Bookmark to a Topic
5.6 To Remove a Bookmark From a Topic
5.7 To Rename a Bookmark or Topic
5.8 To Delete a Bookmark or Topic
5.9 To Search Your Bookmarks
5.10 To Copy the Address of a Bookmark
5.11 To Add a Bookmark or Topic to the Bookmarks Bar
5.12 To Remove a Bookmark or Topic From the Bookmarks Bar
5.13 Smart Bookmarks
6. Managing Your Browsing History
6.1 Overview of the Epiphany History System
6.2 To Select a History Link
6.3 To Open a History Link in a New Window or Tab
6.4 To Delete a History Link
6.5 To Search Your Browsing History
6.6 To Copy the Address of a History Link
6.7 To Clear your Browsing History
6.8 To Bookmark a History Link
7. Managing Your Password and Cookies
8. Using the Download Manager
9. Customizing Epiphany
8.1 Setting Your Preferences
8.2 To Show and Hide Window Components
8.3 To Edit Your Toolbars 

C. Guidlines for Hackers
Once we have substantial documentation in place I would like to propose that 
any UI changes must be accompanied by documentations fixes. This includes 
string changes, spacing, menu reorganization etc. 

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