[Epiphany] Window placement

I don't use GNOME but Epiphany is too nice to pass up. However, I noticed
an oddity with its window placement that I don't remember in 0.50 (correct
me if I'm wrong); it seems to place itself where it last was instead of
letting the window manager place the window.

For example, I move it to the top left of my screen, then close it. With
nothing else on my screen, I open an xterm and place it in the top left.
Using the xterm I start Epiphany, which is placed over the xterm instead of
next to it. Then I close Epiphany and test with Galeon and Mozilla, all the
same size, and they are correctly placed next to the xterm instead of on top
of it.

Is this intentional?

(Please CC replies to me.)

Mike Burns <netgeek@speakeasy.net> <http://netgeek.ws>
"Those who cast the ballots decide nothing; those who count the ballots decide 
 everything." - Josef Stalin

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