[Epiphany] Re: Bookmarks localization

Christian Rose writes: 
>> In short, a set of default bookmarks exposes all possible problems with
>> localization, far beyond just translating titles. Because of all these
>> difficulties, I'd say just include the absolute minimum set of bookmarks
>> possible, and let distributors etc. worry about the localization issues
>> if they want to alter or add bookmarks to the set. :-)
> To further expand on this issue, the reason I say the above is both that
> it saves us work, that distributors usually modify the set of bookmarks
> anyway, and that distributors often have a better grasp of what users
> and markets they target, and hence what bookmarks may be suitable and
> what localization is needed to suit their users. 

I agree that it's difficult for us to compile a sensible set of default
bookmarks that would work for everyone. However, I do think that
Epiphany needs to default to a workable set of bookmark keywords to get
the user started. This would be true for any browser, but it is
particularly so for Epiphany, due to its different style of bookmark
management. There are practically no users who already know how to
effectively manage bookmarks in the Epiphany style, but it can be made
much easier by providing a framework for them.

Fortunately, there is a pretty nice solution to the problem: provide the
dmoz.org main categories as default keywords in new Epiphany
installations. Almost all sites can easily be dropped to one or more of
these categories, so the confusion of a beginner user trying to add
bookmarks and creating less than optimal categories for them is greatly

As an added bonus, dmoz.org has localizations for those categories to
dozens of languages. The entire hierarchy is available as an rdf
(warning, it's very large) at
http://rdf.dmoz.org/rdf/structure.rdf.u8.gz, and could be parsed
automatically to an Epiphany bookmark keywords file along with the
localised names, if the Epiphany format supported that. The top
categories can also be seen (in English only) in a shorter rdf:

For those unfamiliar with dmoz.org, it is a volunteer based open web
directory in the style of Yahoo. It's also the backbone for Google's
directory service. 

Adding actual bookmarks as well would be optional - the defaults could
include a few of the top sites in all categories, or not. Now, what
would be REALLY cool is if Epiphany would, when adding a bookmark, look
up that URL in the dmoz directory and automatically select the correct
keyword(s) for it.

Osma Ahvenlampi <oa@iki.fi>

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