Re: [Epiphany] Re: Bookmarks localization

On Sun, 2003-05-04 at 14:48, Osma Ahvenlampi wrote:
> Christian Rose writes: 
> >> In short, a set of default bookmarks exposes all possible problems with
> >> localization, far beyond just translating titles. Because of all these
> >> difficulties, I'd say just include the absolute minimum set of bookmarks
> >> possible, and let distributors etc. worry about the localization issues
> >> if they want to alter or add bookmarks to the set. :-)
> > 
> > To further expand on this issue, the reason I say the above is both that
> > it saves us work, that distributors usually modify the set of bookmarks
> > anyway, and that distributors often have a better grasp of what users
> > and markets they target, and hence what bookmarks may be suitable and
> > what localization is needed to suit their users. 
> I agree that it's difficult for us to compile a sensible set of default
> bookmarks that would work for everyone. However, I do think that
> Epiphany needs to default to a workable set of bookmark keywords to get
> the user started. This would be true for any browser, but it is
> particularly so for Epiphany, due to its different style of bookmark
> management. There are practically no users who already know how to
> effectively manage bookmarks in the Epiphany style, but it can be made
> much easier by providing a framework for them.

We have already a few default topics, they can definately be improved.
I think all the categories are a bit too much though ...
If someone would work on a list of topics (6, 7 ?), I'd certainly appreciate it.


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