Re: [Epiphany] More Topic/Keyword/Folder madness! Oh, no!

>Well, in that case, I'm going to watch, wait, and let this all run its
>course. :-)  We'll probably start finding out pretty quickly where the
>bookmarks model and UI should be headed when Ephy is shipped using the
>GRE, so people won't have to change mozilla versions just to try it out,
>and thus we'll get plenty of feedback...

I'm not so convinced hackers feedback should influence much our design but
... ;)

>Which reminds me, perhaps I should start on a FAQ for some of this
>stuff, so when we inevitably get deluged with questions about why we
>aren't using folders, why we don't have features foo/bar/baz/etc, we can
>stop the flamewars in their tracks (hopefully) by pointing people to the

Thanks to be so constructive. I plan to write a document about an hopefully
final design in the next days. We really need to solve the topic/topics
issue. Current UI is simply wrong.
I guess we can make that document work as a FAQ.

>Lastly, what do you think the odds are I could convince you of a
>bookmarks menu?? ;-)  This is something I think would
>A) help alleviate
>some of the problems of "it takes forever to access bookmarks in ephy
>using just the mouse" and B) adds a lot of familiarity.  I've witnessed
>a sizable percentage of users click Bookmarks --> Add Bookmark to add a
>bookmark to their evil, hierarchical tree. :)  Putting "Bookmark Page"
>under the File menu seems very awkward, IMHO.

What exactly is awkward ? People are used to "Bookmarks->Add Bookmark",
true and that's a real problem. But I think the File menu is in theory a
good place, all the items are page related (Save Page, Print Page ...).
Anyway you have some more chances here. I personally think toolbars are
a better solution to A (doesnt force clutter on people that dont use the
menu, allow to choose which bookmarks you are interested to access fastly).
But for both A and B we have the "people are used to" problem. Until epiphany
is just my fun project I'm inclined to ignore the "people are used to" problem,
but things could change if, for example, epiphany get included in Gnome.
In that case, if the GNOME usability team agree we need a bookmarks menu
well ... I could just give up :)
Hope it sounds constructive ;)


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