[Epiphany] Re: "I feel lucky" preference on Address bar

Marcelo E. Magallon writes:
>  Now I ask myself what'd happen
>  if I tell her that she can type something in the location bar and
>  that'd trigger a google search.  My guess is she'd keep clicking on the
>  "google" button on the toolbar.  Face it: keyword search is an
>  "advanced" feature (just like smart bookmarks).  There are zero UI
>  hints about its existance.

In my OpenApplet, I use a tooltip when the user mouses over the text entry 
thats pops up the following text: 

"Enter a web address to open, or phrase to search for in your files and on 
the web." 

The text entry also has a label marked "Open:". 

Epiphany could use a similar tip [1] and label. This would definately help 
the discoverability of this feature. 

>  > I'm not saying this should be disabled by default.. 
>  FWIW, I am.  I'm feeling lucky is a horrible default.  It has
>  non-predictable non-defined behaviour.  Futhermore, the user can't
>  override the computer's choice. 

I'm somewhat mixed on this. The main reason i've stood so firmly on keeping 
the current behavior is two fold: 

1) google search is already available from the bookmarks bar.
2) I sort of like the url-less ui it creates. (Instead of knowing a specific 
address, you can just type text that gives you the closes (sic?) match ) 

I fully agree that a pref here is overkill. It seems that the arguments 
presented here focus more on people's dislike of the default, and would find 
google search more useful (and so instead of asking us to change the 
default, in true open source fashion they ask for a pref). I have to admit 
to being somewhat perplexed as it seems that most of the users who are 
complaining are those who would be most likely to use a bookmarks toolbar 
which includes a default google search smartbookmark. 

Anyway I am open to endorsing a change in the default if it is decided that 
this is better for our target user base (of which I claim no one on this 
list is probably part of [2]) but of course the final decision is up to 

[1] though I would drop the text about the files which incidentally doesn't 
actually work, but i'm hoping it will in the future :) 

[2] I think this is the inherent problem in open source development. The 
users you wish to design for and reach are almost never the users who 
interact on mailing list, use betas and file bugs. (considering that 90% of 
web users don't use tabs, its pretty amazing how much time is spent in 
bugzilla and on this list discussing them). 

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