[Epiphany] Smartbookmarks change in 0.7.x


 I must apologize in advance because I haven't had the chance to verify
 that this is still the behaviour in 0.7.2.  I couldn't spot anything in
 the changelog that says this isn't the case.  I _had_ 

  <node id="12899">
    <property id="2" value_type="gchararray">Google</property>
    <property id="3" value_type="gchararray">http://www.google.com/</property>
    <property id="4" value_type="gchararray">Smartbookmarks</property>
    <property id="5" value_type="gchararray">http://www.google.com/search?q=%s</property>
    <parent id="0"/>
    <parent id="2"/>
    <parent id="12898"/>

 The property with id "3" was used when I selected the entry in the
 "Smartbookmarks", the one with id "5" (or was it "6"?) was used when I
 selected the smartbookmark from the location bar.  It worked pretty
 well, specially for a couple of smartbookmarks that, unlike Google,
 _do_not_ do anything sensible if the "search term" is "%s" (other than
 telling you that your search term is not valid or that you are missing
 a parameter in your search or things like that).  Real life example:

  <node id="12915">
    <property id="2" value_type="gchararray">RAE</property>
    <property id="4" value_type="gchararray">Smartbookmarks</property>
    <property id="3" value_type="gchararray">http://buscon.rae.es/draeI/SrvltGUIBusUsual?TIPO_HTML=2&amp;LEMA=%s</property>
    <property id="9" value_type="gboolean">1</property>
    <parent id="0"/>
    <parent id="12898"/>

 When I select the smart bookmark from the menu, I get:

    Real Academia Española.
    Acceso Erróneo

 and that's it.  Loking at the location bar I see http://buscon.rae.es/,
 which is not what I get if I remove "%s" from the address (that is,
 it's not the result of a redirect), so my guess is that epiphany is
 trying to be smart(er than the user) and it's stripping the URL from
 the local part.


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