Re: [Epiphany] Smartbookmarks change in 0.7.x

On Sun, 2003-06-29 at 17:53, Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:
> Hi,
>  I must apologize in advance because I haven't had the chance to verify
>  that this is still the behaviour in 0.7.2.  I couldn't spot anything in
>  the changelog that says this isn't the case.  I _had_ 
>   <node id="12899">
>     <property id="2" value_type="gchararray">Google</property>
>     <property id="3" value_type="gchararray"></property>
>     <property id="4" value_type="gchararray">Smartbookmarks</property>
>     <property id="5" value_type="gchararray"></property>
>     <parent id="0"/>
>     <parent id="2"/>
>     <parent id="12898"/>
>   </node>
>  The property with id "3" was used when I selected the entry in the
>  "Smartbookmarks", the one with id "5" (or was it "6"?) was used when I
>  selected the smartbookmark from the location bar.  It worked pretty
>  well, specially for a couple of smartbookmarks that, unlike Google,
>  _do_not_ do anything sensible if the "search term" is "%s" (other than
>  telling you that your search term is not valid or that you are missing
>  a parameter in your search or things like that).  Real life example:
>   <node id="12915">
>     <property id="2" value_type="gchararray">RAE</property>
>     <property id="4" value_type="gchararray">Smartbookmarks</property>
>     <property id="3" value_type="gchararray">;LEMA=%s</property>
>     <property id="9" value_type="gboolean">1</property>
>     <parent id="0"/>
>     <parent id="12898"/>
>   </node>
>  When I select the smart bookmark from the menu, I get:
>     Real Academia Española.
>     Acceso Erróneo
>  and that's it.  Loking at the location bar I see,
>  which is not what I get if I remove "%s" from the address (that is,
>  it's not the result of a redirect), so my guess is that epiphany is
>  trying to be smart(er than the user) and it's stripping the URL from
>  the local part.

We changed the format to allow to edit smartbookmarks in the ui.
Now you can type smart bookmarks urls directly in the Address field of
properties. Unfortunately old smartbookmarks need to be readded (we
thought it was not worth to add compatibility code at this point of
Currently for menu we use the domain part of the url. That works in most
cases (at least looking at galeon smartbookmarks database) but not ever.
So I plan to add a way to specify that url in the smart bookmarks format
(like we do for encoding). Obviously the format would need to be
documented somewhere ...


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