Re: [Epiphany] "I feel lucky" preference on Address bar

Il sab, 2003-06-28 alle 19:46, Marco Pesenti Gritti ha scritto:

> > I mean: the young and inexpert user, won't be able to tweak anything and
> > since the gui is clean and simple it will be all "click 'n' go", but the
> > expert user will know where to go to tweak and configure as his taste
> > says.
> > 
> > What do you think about this?
> These are the rules I'm trying to follow when deciding about hidden prefs.
> - The pref should be useful to a lot of people. Prefs has a mantainance cost, so
> their number need to kept to a very limited number.

I agree, but since they're hidden they could be useful only to hacker
users, am I wrong? So we should define the term 'a lot' since hacker
users aren't 'a lot' (sorry about the word-game).

> - The pref should not be a work around for a real problem. Most users will not
> be able to use the workaround.

Well, I judged the "I feel lucky" feature an useless feature since most
of the times ti does'nt get me where I intended to, neither somewhere
helpful: so i posted it here :)

> Additionally, some admin related prefs (like lock down) should not be exposed
> in the epiphany ui, but I guess at some point a separate interface to edit them
> would be desiderable. (or maybe gconf-editor can be that interface)

I don't know what you're talking about :(

> Marco________

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