Re: [Epiphany] "I feel lucky" preference on Address bar

On Fri, 2003-06-27 at 07:31, Edd Dumbill wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 12:51, Gavrila wrote:
> > I'd like to disable the "I feel lucky" google search entering a term in
> > the address bar and pressing enter, replacing it with the standard
> > google search, but though I change the pref in pref.js in my home dir, I
> > can't rid of that feature. 
> > The file pref.js is always overwritten by epiphany itself: what should I
> > do? 
> Take a look at
> There's a patch to fix this, but Dave didn't want to make the change. 
> Maybe if it's important to more people he might reconsider.

It would at the least be a nice g-conf option. 

C-l, then typing a search query is very simple. 

Reaching over to the tiny arrow keys on my laptop and hitting the down
arrow navigating past the auto-complete guesses to select "google
search" every time (or worse, using the mouse) is the sole reason I
joined this list. I've lurked for a few weeks hoping it would be a
matter of discussion and browsed the archives before joining -- I should
have checked bugzilla.

Does the "I'm feeling lucky" add any value whatsoever to Epiphany
outside of novelty? Do the HIG or libs prevent the tab key from being
bound here as it is in Moz and nearly every other browser I've ever
used? Do the HIG or libs cause the up-arrow to act exactly like the
down-arrow instead of cycling to the bottom of the list? Does my lists
"search the web" and "search google" both going to google reflect a
Mozilla configuration that results in two entries with different labels
that perform the same action or is it Epiphany wide?

I like the browser enough as a whole to continue using it as my go-to --
just curious what the thoughts are behind these decisions.

I apologize if this is should be bug traffic and not list traffic.


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