Re: [Epiphany] Bookmarks usability

On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 12:13:15AM -0400, Igor Lev wrote:

 > I believe that there might be some user support for a quick "Create
 > Topic" button in the _add bookmark_ menu.

 In the "add bookmark dialog".

 Without having read the replies, I know someone is already arguing
 along the lines of "too much complexity".  *sigh*  Right now adding a
 bookmark ("press C-d") and realizing the topic(s) for it is(are) not
 already present means:

    1.  Press C-d, notice you wish to add a new topic
    2.  Add the bookmark anyway
    3.  Press C-b, C-n (select "Type new topic" because of a bug that
        means you are now editing a previously selected topic), type the
        new topic name.
    4.  Go to the "Not categorized" topic, select the new bookmark,
        press alt-Return, scroll thru the topic list selecting the
        appropiate topics
    5.  Close this dialog, close the bookmarks window

 Yes, I know that "4." could read:

    4.  Go to the "Not categorized" topic, select the new bookmark,
        drag it to the new topic.

 That doesn't work if I want to add the new bookmark to multiple topics.
 I don't know if that works _technically_.  I know it does not work from
 a UI point of view: visualy, dragging _is_ moving.  If I drag the topic
 from "Not categorized" to a new topic and that moves it, I'd expect
 dragging it from the new topic to another topic would also _move_ it.
 Haven't tried, no idea what it does, I just don't use the dragging
 interface, it's too complicated (e.g., my topic list does not fit in
 the window with the default size, that means I have to do funny
 acrobatics with the mouse to drag a bookmark across topics -- so I just

 I know my usage pattern is neither the norm nor representative of the
 targeted user base, so I'll crawl back to my lurking position.

 Thanks for a really nice browser :-)


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