[Epiphany] Bookmarks usability

I have been using the epiphany bookmarking system pretty extensively
over the last couple of weeks now and I am really starting to appreciate
it's usefulness. However, a pet peeve keeps coming up again and again.
Each time I want to bookmark a page I instinctively click on the add a
bookmark button and then realize that the topic I want to use for this
bookmark does not exist yet. This means that I have to go to the
bookmark menu again and choose edit bookmarks, then file in that window
then create new bookmark. I believe that there might be some user
support for a quick "Create Topic" button in the _add bookmark_ menu.
Since that operation is very minimal in the edit bookmarks menu, I don't
believe that this will disrupt the current layout of the bookmark system
too much. I was just wondering what everyone else thought about this
idea, since it would make adding bookmarks a much easier and smoother
process but at the same time it does "ruin" the clear adding/editing
separation hierarchy Epiphany has right now. 

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