[Epiphany] Download Manager

While this might be a possible post 1.0 improvement, I've been looking
at the epiphany download manager, and it seems, to my completely
uninformed opinion :), a rather bulky and inelegant part of an overall
great package. Having a large, mostly empty window open up for one
itty-bitty download and then having to manually close it, seems like a
huge pain. I have recently come across an addon download manager for the
MozillaFirebird browser and it seemed to have an interesting idea about
it. Instead of opening up multiple download windows, or having one large
download manager window listing all the downloads, it has a small bar on
the bottom of the browser which just lists all the current downloads as
small boxes with the download name that have a progress bar fill them as
the download progresses. While there might a perfectly good reason in
terms of usability/clarity for the current download manager  I just
wanted to open this part of epiphany up to discussion by suggesting a
similar feature, of course adapted to epiphany/gnome usability
standards. I feel that it would add a very elegant and simple touch to
the browser, while also making it easier to use. The pros would include:
small interface size, easily visible progress, elegance :). Cons
include: taking up browser vertical screen real estate, complexity(?),
?.  I would appreciate any comments on this anyone might have and
aplogize for the extremely long winded email.

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