[Epiphany] Re: Bookmarks usability

Igor Lev writes: 

> I have been using the epiphany bookmarking system pretty extensively
> over the last couple of weeks now and I am really starting to appreciate
> it's usefulness. However, a pet peeve keeps coming up again and again.
> Each time I want to bookmark a page I instinctively click on the add a
> bookmark button and then realize that the topic I want to use for this
> bookmark does not exist yet. This means that I have to go to the
> bookmark menu again and choose edit bookmarks, then file in that window
> then create new bookmark. I believe that there might be some user
> support for a quick "Create Topic" button in the _add bookmark_ menu.
> Since that operation is very minimal in the edit bookmarks menu, I don't
> believe that this will disrupt the current layout of the bookmark system
> too much. I was just wondering what everyone else thought about this
> idea, since it would make adding bookmarks a much easier and smoother
> process but at the same time it does "ruin" the clear adding/editing
> separation hierarchy Epiphany has right now. 
> -- 

I think that putting a new topic or maybe add topic entry in the bookmarks 
menu might be a good idea. My main objection has always been that 
adding/removing topics should not be done from within the new bookmark 
dialog since it adds unneeded complexity to it. Your proposal should work 
well actually. Since the new bookmark dialog is not modal, a user could do 
bookmark->new topic, the new topic magically gets added to the existing new 
bookmark dialog and then the user can add that topic to the bookmark. Please 
file a bugzilla bug with this suggestion although i'm not sure if this could 
get into 1.0. (up to marco) 


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