Re: [Epiphany] 1.0 bugs

On Wed, 2003-06-18 at 12:25, Luis Villa wrote:

> > 
> > At the moment our plans needs to assume epiphany is choosen as browser
> > for GNOME 2.4.
> > Gnome release are based on time and not on features. We are already post
> > feature freeze.
> > 
> > That decision is quite late ...If epiphany is left out then we will have
> > to reconsider a lot of things.
> Epiphany is /in/, as long as it is stable by that time. Sorry that
> that's still unclear.
 It seems to me he was saying that epiphany is candidate to be in
gnome2.4 as default browser. And because of this they're working hard
non stability and bugfixing. If it will be discarded by gnome, then devs
will have the opportunity to create/add new features not being so much
worried about stability.

At least this is what I understood :)

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