Re: [Epiphany] 1.0 bugs

On Mon, 2003-06-16 at 07:22, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-06-16 at 12:49, Osma Ahvenlampi wrote:
> > I think popup blocking (#111930) should be on that list.. Ephy seems to
> > be the only browser left which doesn't implement it somehow (okay, IE
> > doesn't, either, but who cares about IE?).
> At the moment our plans needs to assume epiphany is choosen as browser
> for GNOME 2.4.
> Gnome release are based on time and not on features. We are already post
> feature freeze.
> That decision is quite late ...If epiphany is left out then we will have
> to reconsider a lot of things.

Epiphany is /in/, as long as it is stable by that time. Sorry that
that's still unclear.


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