Re: [Usability] Re: [Epiphany] A Safari Through Safari...

> 1 The "embedded" bookmarks window (?) is probably easier and faster to
> use than a toplevel window like we have in epiphany

Yeah, it would be a REALLY great feature to have - the top level
window is a PITA.

> 2 You can edit bookmarks menus and toolbars as special categories.
Yeah, I love the way the bookmark toolbar is in the catagory
list when you are adding a bookmark. I put in a feature request
for something similar. If that's what you meant..

> About 1. I think we should go in that direction after 2.4. There are
> some problems to solve about editing (for example the two add buttons
> you was complaining about) but with Seth help I'm sure we will be able
> to come with something good.

I hate to bring this up again. But one thing that concerns me is how 
you and active epiphany is. I really hope that this won't be stifled
too much by being part of the desktop release(if that is decided).
As part of the desktop release it would be 2 or 3 months until
you can start properly hacking again, ie. adding new features. It's
not up to me but I think that it would be a lot better to hack 
towards 2.6. This bookmarks system will take time to get right...

Mark Finlay <>

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